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Tell me more about... Edible Images

What is an "edible image"?

An edible image provides me with the ability to take a picture and actually put it on your cake. Using a special printer with food-grade inks, I am able to print anything your heart desires on special sheets of frosting paper. The image is then placed on a frosted cake, and the sheet 'melts' into the frosting, becoming part of it, and you are left with your own unique image on your cake! This method is safe, tastes great, and really personalizes your cake! Excellent for any occasion, but particularly popular for occasions like graduations or birthdays!

Is the image safe to eat?

YES! As mentioned, I use only food-grade edible inks, and a special printer that does not come in contact with any non-edible inks. For your safety this printer is dedicated to one task only... making your cake look extra special! The sheets the images are printed on are simply a thin layer of special frosting that has been designed solely for this purpose.

Will it taste different?

Within a few minutes of being placed on the cake (depending on relative humidity) the frosting sheet on which the image has been printed will begin to 'melt' into the background icing. Your image will remain in tact, but it will be part of the frosting. It will absorb the taste of the frosting on your cake, and should not have any taste itself.

What can I have on my cake?

Virtually anything! Your only limit is your imagination! You can choose a picture of yourself or someone else, a group photo, pets, friends, family, company logos, clip art, any image that can be digitally downloaded or scanned can become an edible image. If you bring me a picture, or image of any kind, I can scan it, I can download from several different types of digital memory sticks, or I can even take the picture for you with my digital camera! If there is some sort of image you are thinking of, but don't have it, I will be happy to search the internet for you and try to find exactly what you want!

What does this cost?

Simply to cover the cost of materials, an additional charge of $5 per sheet will be added to all edible image orders. A 'sheet' consists of either an 8" round, letter size, or legal size rectangle, or one dozen cookies/cupcakes (small circles).